WRKDBF Release V11 - OS/400 V6 and V7 compatible

What is WRKDBF?

WRKDBF ("Work with Database File") is a powerful, yet easy to use iSeries (AS/400) Database Editor designed to allow you to easily display and maintain data in iSeries database files. It greatly enhances a developers ability to review data, test, debug, and maintain database files. Written by Bill Reger, WRKDBF is a mature and full-featured shareware utility.  

WRKDBF is used worldwide every day by thousands of organizations of all sizes.  It has developed a sort of cult following within the iSeries community due to it's intuitive ease-of-use and a feature list which rivals that of many similar products in the marketplace. 

Tell me more about the features of WRKDBF!

Sure! Our Features List describes more of the power of WRKDBF as well as showing you some more sample panels. Check it out!

What enhancements are in the latest release of WRKDBF?

The enhancements and other fixes are described in detail in our Summary of Changes.

How can I get it?

Download WRKDBF

Purchase WRKDBF

Pay for a WRKDBF Invoice

WRKDBF is "shareware".   The installation process will allow you to use it for 31 days.  When payment is received, a longer term Access Code will be delivered to you by email - usually within 1 business day.

WRKDBF is distributed with executable objects only. Each shareware fee will grant you the rights to use WRKDBF on a single iSeries (based upon Serial Number).  WRKDBF is distributed on an "AS-IS" basis only. See the user documentation for more details.

I have more questions.  Who can I contact with questions?

First, check the WRKDBF FAQs for common questions and answers.  If you have any additinal questions, comments, or requests for enhancements please feel free to contact the author Bill Reger via the email address shown below. We are always looking for ways to make this utility even better!

Written by: Bill Reger (breger1 *at* wrkdbf *dot* com)