WRKDBF Enhancements and Fixes!

Version 11

The default value of the Confirm Prompt can be changed (either "Y" or "N").  You can also Hide the Confirm Prompt altogether if you do not want it!

The Scan Limit defaults to 5000 records.  But you can set your default Scan Limit to any value you prefer.  In addition (you asked for it and now you have it!) the maximum has been increased to 9,999,999

The Database Relations have always been available via the DSPDBR(*YES) parameter on the WRKDBF command.  Now, from within WRKDBF it is available also.  Enter "DSPDBR"  (without the quotes) on the WRKDBF command line



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Written by: Bill Reger (breger1@wrkdbf.com)