WRKDBF Features and Sample Panels!



The main WRKDBF panel

Select Field Sequence to Display

This panel is accessed by pressing "F14=Fields" on the main panel. This panel is used to:

Executing SQL Commands

Pressing "F18=SQL Cmds" on the main panel allows you to execute SQL operations with your data base file. The SQL functionality is implemented via QMQRY (query management query) that is a normal part of OS/400. You are not required to purchase any additional SQL licensed product.

The SQL commands available are:

SQL operations can optionally be executed in batch. They can also be saved, then using a special command (WRKDBFSQL), they can be executed at a later date/time

The selected data can be saved to either an iSeries database *OUTFILE or to an IFS *STMF.

A global "undelete" command (WRKDBFUNDL) is provided should you need the ability to "undelete" every deleted record in a file

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Written by: Bill Reger (breger1@wrkdbf.com)